Jonesboro Volunteer Fire Department, Jonesboro, Indiana

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Pump 1 - 1975 Ford C/Pierce Pumper

Jonesboro Volunteer Fire Department

Est. 1889

Jonesboro Volunteer Fire
2005 International/Pierce Pumper
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The Town of Jonesboro is located south of Marion and west of Gas City in southwest Grant County.

First organized in 1889, Jonesboro Fire Department, an all-volunteer department, consists of 20 members who respond to approximately 60 runs each year. Our response district offers Fire protection to one square mile, with nearly 2,000 residents.

Jonesboro Volunteer Fire
Firefighter Garfield
Jonesboro, Indiana

Jonesboro Volunteer Fire

Garfield the cartoon cat traces his roots to Grant County, Indiana where his creator, Jim Davis, was born and raised.

In honor of the cool cat, communities throughout Grant County erected statues of Garfield. Each statue sports a unique design that depicts the heritage and character of the location in which it stands.

Jonesboro, Indiana is honored to be the home of Firefighter Garfield.

Jonesboro Volunteer Fire
Grant County

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Jonesboro Volunteer Fire

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